FinCon21 – Day 2 Review

Despite the Texas elms giving me ridiculous allergies (Hey, Claritin. Pls sponsor. Thx.), FinCon21 Day 2 was a blast!

Today was the morning keynote and FinCon Central (the expo).


The Austin MetroRail was late this morning, so I unfortunately missed Julien and Kiersten Saunders’ talk, but I got there just in time to see Jaspreet Singh (Minority Mindset). He was the one I wanted to see the most! I’ve been following his channel a few years now.

His speech was AWESOME! Really high energy, and it had a lot of great advice, especially for me as a newer content creator.

First, in his own words, his best advice is: “Don’t listen to anyone. Including me.”

He further explained that you need to be original. Don’t blindly listen to anybody, or blindly copy anybody. Learn what people have done successfully, but do it your own way. Just do you. It’s okay to be weird. He shared some comments from his early videos as examples of how he kept being himself despite the haters.

He then went on to talk about how to succeed as a content creator.

You’ve probably heard people before talk about how you have to master the following to build an audience:

  • Tags
  • Title
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Meta data

(I may have written this slightly differently than he did. I was too star struck to take notes.)

The above can be remembered as TTDTM.

However, in Jaspreet’s words, this is a bunch of C R A P.

Instead you first have to focus on content.

It doesn’t matter what your video thumbnail looks like if no one wants to watch your video. And this ties into what he said earlier about being original and being yourself. Be weird.

The next step is to monetize, which you can do with:

  • Ads
  • Affiliates
  • Sponsors
  • Products
  • Equity

The last part is to scale, and work like crazy. He shared some of his personal story here, and where his work ethic came from. It was about his grandparents experience in the Punjab region, and it was really powerful:

“If I have nothing to lose, I have everything to gain.”

Jaspreet Singh, Founder of Minority Mindset

Overall, I really loved the talk. And I got to meet him afterwards!

I also got to meet Paula Pant from Afford Anything! (One of the hosts of the keynote today.)

Heading down to FinCon Central now (the expo floor). I’ll let y’all know if anything exciting happens!

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