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When Will the Housing Market Crash?

Home prices have been booming lately, rising at their fastest pace in the last 15 years. A cocktail of record-low mortgage rates, low inventory of homes, and people looking to upgrade during the pandemic has pushed the median-priced, single-family home to an all-time high. The growth can be seen just about everywhere, from small towns to big cities.  

This unprecedented growth has many people starting to ask: When will the housing market crash?

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Why I Will Never Buy a Home

Millennials only own 4% of the real estate value in the US. At the same stage in life, baby boomers owned 32% of the country’s real estate value.

We’ve all heard the stories: straddled by student loan debt, underemployed in a recovering economy, skyrocketing housing prices. It’s no surprise millennials own less real estate than our baby boomer counterparts did at our age. It seems homes are less affordable than ever.

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